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Mountain Vista Retirement Residence


Our senior independent living center is designed exclusively for seniors, generally those aged 55 and over, who want to have freedom and independence but are ready to set down the burdens that come with home ownership and maintenance. At Mountain Vista, our housing is pleasantly compact, with easier navigation for walkers and wheelchairs and no maintenance or yard work to worry about.
While residents live independently, our Wellness Program offers services, activities, and amenities that can help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. These services include meals, local transportation, an exercise room, social activities, 24/7 emergency response, and more. 
The key difference between independent living and other options is the level of assistance you might require in doing what we call Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). If you require round-the-clock help with eating, dressing, and using the toilet, or require regular medical assistance, other options such as Assisted Living or a Nursing Home may be required to meet your needs.
Since independent living is aimed at older adults who need little or no assistance with ADLs, we do not offer medical care or nursing staff. However, as with regular housing, you may qualify for or you can hire in-home help separately if needed.

Residents can choose a Lease or a Membership (either Partial or Full.)

Leasing requires the least amount of financial commitment up front, with a higher Monthly Service Fee (MSF). Partial and Full Memberships grant lower MSF options. Partial Memberships start as low as $10,000 and Full Memberships cap at $115,000. Get in touch with us for a breakdown of all the options available to you.

Yes. One small animal per resident Member which is normally kept as a household pet and was owned prior to occupancy is welcome. Pets are allowed to lessees (non-members) with an additional agreed-upon security deposit.  The pet shall be maintained inside each owner’s individual residence.  Pets are permitted outside the residence only when accompanied by a responsible individual. Owners shall be fully responsible for cleaning up immediately after the animal, for keeping noise from the animal to a minimum, and for fully minimizing the intrusion of an animal upon the peaceful possession, use and occupancy of the community by other residents and their guests. The pet owner is solely liable to any damages to the building or grounds by their pet.

Mountain Vista operates its own transportation system via an onsite mini-van. Residents can schedule weekday transportation for the salon, shopping, banking, doctor’s appointments, and more.

Even if you still drive, you can schedule transportation if you are not feeling up to par or do not want to drive in inclement weather.

Our van is equipped for residents using walkers and manual wheelchairs.  Our van is not equipped with a lift for electric wheelchairs. However, the Lander Senior Center is available for this transportation need.

If you still have a valid driver’s license and a properly maintained and insured vehicle, a single car garage space is included in your Monthly Service Fee (MSF).

For those no longer driving, the garage space is then exchanged for our transportation services.

Mountain Vista is private pay. There are no state or federal funding sources for assistance with the cost of senior living services until there is authorized medical need (i.e. Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing). However, because we: 1) were developed and operate as a public benefit non-profit charitable association, 2) can and have received donations, and 3) take great care to minimize costs, Mountain Vista is one of the most affordable Independent Living senior service communities in the nation. Our flexible rate structure allowing for leases, partial memberships or full memberships is also helpful.

Residents suitable for Independent Living must be able to perform certain Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) without support. These include toileting, social awareness, and calling for help. Other ADLs can be met with support from services from Mountain Vista, Home Health, and/or Family/Friends. An Assessment for Independent Living can be completed at any time in order to determine if added support is needed in order for the individual to remain at Mountain Vista, or if other care is needed.


Residents must be 55 years of age and older and in reasonably good physical and mental health for their age. They must be able to live safely and independently within the independent living service provision parameters of Mountain Vista. Residents must be: 1) ambulatory or able make their own transfers if in a wheelchair, 2) call for help, and 3) exit the retirement residence in the event of a fire or other emergent circumstance. An Independent Living Assessment is part of the application process.

Residents must have the financial resources necessary to either lease or purchase a membership.


Mountain Vista Retirement Residence

180 Chase Drive Lander WY 82520

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Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday. Call for weekend emergencies, tours can be scheduled for weekends if needed.

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